Brian Anderson
"Improving the Day to Day of Athletic Healthcare"
Sports Medicine Strategic Planning  
The Institute for Collegiate Sports Medicine is please to provide our "Sports Medicine Strategic Planning" program.  Small-family businesses to large corporations work with business / executive coaches for high performance and now that same service is available for college / university sports medicine teams and programs.

We address a wide array of issues in improving performance from the individual team members to programs, policies and procedures, cost-containment, student athlete perception and much, much more.

The is NOT a one time consultation, generating a report and wishing you the best going forward.  This program is at minimum a 12 month (likely 36 month) process.

Here is a sample of what is included in this extensive program:

Team and Individual High Performance:
    Time Managment​
    Project Management
    Stress Assessment and Management
    Mental Training / Accountability Coaching
    Leadership Development
    Team Building
    Effective Communication
    Professional Development (Not Clinical Development)

Projects and Programs:

    Student-Athlete Perception of Athletic Healthcare

    Athletic Healthcare Cost Assessment and Management

    Best Practices Assessment and Management: Compliance with widely accepted standards of care

    Medical Documentation Accountability

    Mental Health / Sports Psychology Models of Care

    Sports Nutrition

    Sports Medicine & Sports Performance Collaboration 

    Team Physician / Healthcare Providers

    Injury Prevention Program Assessment and Management

    Treatment and Rehabilitation Impact on Healthcare

    Healthcare Provider Network Assessment

    Policy and Procedure Enhancement

    Clinical Talent and Skill Set Management

    Risk Management Assessment

    Staff / Talent Assessment and Talent Acquisition

This is a continuous process of assessment, implementation, review.

Inquire below to determine availability and pricing.

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