Brian Anderson
"Improving the Day to Day of Athletic Healthcare"
Projects of Interest
The Institute for Collegiate Sports Medicine is committed to assisting the college and university athletic trainer, team physician and administrator to "Improving the Day to Day of Athletic Healtcare".  Below are a few projects aimed at assisting the school in meeting that mission.  If you are interested in participating in one of these projects or have an idea for additional project please email call at 954-204-5428.


Student Athlete Perceptions of Athletic Healthcare:  The ability of the athletic department / sports medicine department to assess the quality of care provided to the student athletes can be a challenge. Program assessments and outcomes data can be extremely valuable in determining strengths and weaknesses in an effort to facilitate strategic planning within the athletic training / sports medicine department. In keeping with our mission to assist college and universities to "Improve the Day to Day of Athletic Healthcare" we have partnered with Scott Unruh, Ed.D., ATC in providing a validated instrument to assess various aspects of student athlete healthcare. 

Event Coverage and Staff Hours Project - 2013-14 (Begins August 2013): This project is aimed at assisting schools in collecting data on the following:

Number of Events (Practices and Games)
% of those events that are covered and by whom
Times for which those events take place
Number of hourse by each staff member (Full-Time and GAs)
How those hours were spent (Administration, Rehabilitation, Event Coverage, Pre and Post Practice, Education, Etc.,)

​     2012-13 Event Coverage and Staff Hours Project - All Schools Report

Athletic Healthcare Cost Project - 2013-14

This project is aimed at gathering data as it relates to various aspects of athletic healthcare cost.  This project will provide schools with analysis of the contributing factors to the their healthcare cost and how they rank with similar and all schools.

Survey Results:

Year in Reveiw: Preliminary Results as of 6/6/12

Athletic Director Perception of Sports Medicine Survey Preliminary Results as of 1/21/13

C&U AT Stress Survey Results as of 11/18/14

Active Surveys:

C&U ATC Stress Survey

BOC Facility Principles Survey

Supplies and Services Survey

Asthma Survey 

Diabetes Survey 

​Self Assessment Survey

AMCIA Survey

NBA ATCs Only - ATC Stress Survey

​HS ATCS Only - High School ATC Stress Survey

Educators Only - AT Educators Stress Survey

Insurance Coordinators Only - Athletic Insurance Coordinators Stress Survey