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Center for Drug Testing
The Center for Drug Testing is established as a resource for the health, safety and well-being of the student athlete.

General / Non Sport Links / Resources:

US Department of Health and Human Services: Results from 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health

College Sports Links / Resources:

NCAA Drug Testing

NCAA Handbook - Drug and Drug Policy Only

​     NCAA Banned Substance List (2012 - 13)

     Drug Testing Appeals Process

     Medical Exceptions for Banned Substances

​     NCAA Drug Testing Results


College and University Athletic Policy Examples:

Butler University - Drug Testing Policy for Student Athletes

Florida Atlantic University (2004-05)

General Population: Drug and Alcohol Policies:

Baylor University

Articles of Interest:

Drug testing varies by school: Universities set their own penalties for athletes violating drug policies

Deer-antler spray: What is IGF-1?

Professional Sports:

Steriod Testing Policies in Professional Sports: Regulated by congress or the Responsibility of the Leagues?

Grant Opportunities:

The Institute for Collegiate Sports Medicine has been provided a grant that can be utilized for NCAA Div II and III, NAIA  and JC / CC institutions for the development and revision of athletic department drug testing policies that would include testing strategies, penalty structures, prevention programs, student athlete selections, collection processes, etc.,  

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