Brian Anderson
"Improving the Day to Day of Athletic Healthcare"
Athletic Healthcare Cost Assessment
If you would like a third party analysis of your athletic insurance cost, we can provide a complete assessment with recommendations for future cost savings. With the change in healthcare and the increasing cost of providing athletic healthcare to your student athletes, we would address a variety of processes that contribute to cost: 

Student atheltes withouth health insurance

Health insurance that doesn't cover athletic injuries

Students with HMOs that doesn't provide for services in your area

Contractual agreements with providers

Total billed charges from providers

Total amount of provider discounts

Actual payments from both primary and secondary insurance to providers

Total amount of secondary insurance discounts

Total cost of student athletes with no / no applicable insurance compared to those with insurance

And how all these compare to other like schools

Example Report #1

Example Report #2

What is not included in the two example reports which will be included in future reports is the comparison / rank of how the schools ranks with similar and all schools.

At no point would a school's name / identify be attached to a report provided to other schools.

We would work with the school to obtain data in the most efficient manner possible, minimizing the work associated with the transfer of data.  All HIPAA and FERPA procedures would be complied with as well.

Cost: $2500 - $4000

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