Brian Anderson
"Improving the Day to Day of Athletic Healthcare"
Student Athlete Perceptions of Athletic Healthcare
The ability of the athletic department / sports medicine department to assess the quality of care provided to the student athletes can be a challenge.  Program assessments and outcomes data can be extremely valuable in determining strengths and weaknesses in an effort to facilitate strategic planning within the athletic training / sports medicine department.  In keeping with our mission to assist college and universities to "Improve the Day to Day of Athletic Healthcare" we have partnered with Scott Unruh, Ed.D., ATC in providing a validated instrument to assess various aspects of student athlete healthcare.  Dr. Unruh has been a leader in Athletic Training Assessment and Outcomes research some of which can be seen in the following Journal of Athletic Training articles:

Perceptions of Athletic Training Services by Collegiate Student Athletes: A Measurement of Athlete Satisfaction (JAT 1998)

Collegiate Student- Athletes' Satisfaction With Athletic Trainers (JAT 2005)

​ATSA Outcomes Program

The Institute for Collegiate Sports Medicine Athletic Training - Student Athlete Outcomes program will include the following:

1.  Staff Orientation as to how the program is administered including time allocation, instrument distribution, reporting, analysis and continuing education.

2.  Athletic Training Student Athlete Assessment Instrument:
          50 Question Survey covering prevention, evaluation, rehabilitation, emergency preparedness, 
               communication, coverage, availability, return to participation, etc.,
          We will provide an online survey that university administrators / athletic trainers can distribute to your  
               student athletes.  The survey is identifiable only by gender and sport, no names are collected so 
               that it is completly anonymous.
          We will provide complete analysis and reporting of results looking at strengths and weaknesses, 
               differences in student athlete satisfaction between gender, sport, sport risk, etc.,
               Sample Report for XYZ University
          We will provide comparisons to other schools that would include classification (Div I, Div III, etc.,), staff 
               size, AMCIA comparison, etc.,  Under NO circumstances will school names be provided to other 

3.  Follow-up Discussion - After the institution has received the report, a follow-up conference call will be 
          scheduled with school administration to discuss the results, interpretations, strategies for improvement, 

4.  CEU Program- In addition to the follow-up discussion with the university, a CEU Program will be scheduled with the institution's ATCs focusing on Appropriate Medical Coverage / Service and how Student Athlete satisfaction can be used in "Improving the Day to Day of Athletic Healthcare".

Cost: $250


What is the timeline to accomplish the ATSA Outcomes Program?
     Answer:  Generally it would take approximately a month to gather all the online surveys from student athletes followed by a 1 - 2 week analysis and reporting period.  Total time - 6 weeks.

How much time is involved from university staff?
     Answer:  The only time allocations from university staff would be to distribute the online survey to the student athletes.  

Do university personnel receive the student athlete surveys once they are completed?
     Answer: No, they are received in our database in a school specific secure location.

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